Leadership Council Minutes – October 2013

October 18, 2013 @ 9:51 am
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  • Sandy Hunt, Michelle Dilts-Gibson, Randi Wallace, Jennifer Moyer, Sheila Hood, Romona Roberts, Karen Via, Vivian Schooler, Rhonda Mercs, Sharon Becker, Andrea Hoff, John Smith, Joyce Gerren, Jim Bolden, Sean Walton, Linda Parrish


  • Mary Tyler, Laura Roesch, Nancy Bleil, Becky Gaytko, Bonnie Parish, Carla Clasen, Cheryl Oliver, Chief Pope, Chief Biehl, Chris Pawleski, Cordell Williams, Donerik Black, Captain Wilson, Harris Tay, Joe Spitler, Libby Nicholson, Michelle Zaremba, Nan Whaley, Patti Schwarztrauber, Rob Streck, Roy Hollis, Ryan Taylor, Sheriff Plummer, Sue McGatha, Tim Beasley, Toni Perry-Gillespie


  • Sandy Hunt welcomed members and introductions were made around the table.  Sandy announced that Crystal Walker, Executive Director of Greater Dayton Christian Connection, was awarded the Marsha Froelich Survivor Award for 2013 for her community work for prevention of domestic violence.

Council Sharing/Needs/Requests:

  • Neighborhoods Council:
    • After school program- they have gotten the information together and Carla is in the process of fine tuning the percentages.  This group will meet tomorrow, the meeting was moved from last week.  The major problem is that every neighborhood has the same things:  library, churches, etc., but they may not be open to any and everyone at all times.  The Council will need Leadership members to contact individuals they know once the list is ready.  It helps when a friend contacts them.  The barrier of transportation continues to exist for students who want to attend.  They have attempted to get RTA to join UAV, but they do not have a presence as of this time.  Jim will contact Anthony Whitmore again to determine if they want to partner with us.  Andrea will also check to see what she can do.  Discussion followed.
  • Community Awareness Council – Speaker’s Bureau:
    • Mary Tyler has created a draft which has been approved by Sue McGatha with some suggested changes.  The title is “Be the Hope, Stop the Violence”.  The presentation will probably be made in November.  They are looking to leadership for trained presenters (have a list available) for a “canned” presentation, about 20 minutes (short and concise). The goal is to have the training completed by December for potential speakers.  Four presentations to organizations will be done from January to June, 2014.  We need Leadership to provide the groups where presentations can be made.  We may need to start booking some of these events now.
    • “Be the Hope” target mailings will be made to some of the faith groups in the four neighborhoods  during 2014 with a cover letter. It was requested that it be signed by Sandy and Sue as Co-Chairs with clout.  The letter will explain who UAV is and what we are doing.  Goal is to invite more people to join, offer supports, etc.
    • Talent Search –only 30 surveys (1/3) have been returned.  More are needed to ensure that the information compiled is accurate and demonstrates our greatest resources.  The group was asked to send in talent search survey if it is not already in.  Michelle has requested if Ryan Taylor’s students would be able to compile the information into a data base.
    • Website-need to make sure the website is maintained and updated regularly.  Website is not being utilized to the full extent of the number of events and trainings that partner members offer. Please send items. The calendar information should be accurate so that those who view it are “wowed” by the web site and the extensiveness of our reach.  We need it to be user friendly, which also means current. Any submissions for the web site should go directly to Jennifer Moyer, jmmoyer@premierhealth.com
  • Parent & Family Success:
    • Form was developed to gather information regarding service agencies’ services and council will review it on the 28th.
    • They are discussing conducting a service provider forum to dialogue about coordinated programming for children during out of school hours. Children need to be safe and quality program can help develop resiliency skills. They want to enhance the UAV service provider pool and make sure that it has a universal and comprehensive approach.  These persons will go to the neighborhoods that we work in and provide service there as a pilot program.  They are trying to let places of faith know because some churches are willing to help, but they don’t have enough people to accomplish it by themselves.  This will allow them to divide the work and provide assistance across agencies. This will also connect people together.  Discussion followed regarding feeding of students.  John Smith shared information regarding a grant that Trotwood obtained through a partnership with the YMCA and the City of Trotwood to feed certain neighborhoods of students after school.  They feed 50-75 students each day Monday through Thursday.  The aim is to end up with three sites and then to expand from there.  The grant is for a year, but the hope is that it will be self sustaining because the food cost is reimbursed through one of the federal agencies.  The Hunger Alliance is involved as a consultant.  Sean Walton, Sr. indicated that we are not doing a good job of sharing enough information and getting the word out.  The Children’s Hunger Alliance has a well functioning infrastructure.  Reach out to the Youth Empowerment Center Monday through Saturday, 8 AM-8 PM, there is a wealth of resources that can be used including transportation.  They could be a partner. The Parent and Family Committee will provide more information in November.
  • Youth Prevention & Intervention:
    • The Council was able to obtain $7000 for the Second Step program to finish the year in the same schools as last year. They will be looking for funding for next school year.
    • The Prosecutor’s office Violence Prevention Essay and Poster Contest received 2000 entries last year and they need to have help with judging.  Co-Chairs, please check with your councils to see who could help this year.  Ask members to encourage youth to participate in the program.  They also need to have prizes and want some assistance with this.  They would like to encourage the Council to look at some type of media (poetry, rap, videos, etc.).  Sandy is working on the entry form right now and has already talked to her boss about it.  They will start with 7-12 grade for this year, possibly letting them do a short video.  They are trying to find ways to up load them, possibly on U-tube so that they can be screened first.  Calendars and entry forms will be available in November.  Discussion followed.
    • The Council wants to bring awareness to human trafficking.  The event at St. Luke this past week was discussed.  They would like to do something next October and would like for Leadership to bring something to the event (funding for promotions, advertising, partnerships, contacts for Trent Arena, etc.).  The goal is to fill the whole arena and bring Theresa Flores back in (need some help with funding).  They want to get T-shirts, but Katie Talbott will only allow them to get fair trade T-shirts.  Discussion followed.  The Interfaith Council is being planned in October, 2014 at UD and a segment is being planned for young people on the weekend.  Jim Bolden is working with them and this topic could be brought up when they have conversation with them.
    • Chris Pawleski and others trained staff of Dayton Police Department began offering a Women’s Self Defense Program last year.  The goal was to have 75 women participate and as of this time, 750 women have received the training.  He is continuing the program and can be contacted for training.
  • Funding:
    • $7000.00 was award for the second step program.
    • They are seeking two additional funding sources to possibly add 1-2 additional schools for this year.  More information to come.
    • They are looking for funding for the 2014-2015 school year
  • Young Adult Council:
    • October 21-Joe Spitler will come in and speak on Elder Abuse-CSB at 6:00 PM.
    • November 18- the young adults will have a dialogue with seasoned members at 5:30 PM (“A Word from the Wise”) at CSB.  They have about 40 questions that the students compiled.  The Council will send invitations to the seasoned citizens and provide the questions.
    • Police brochures have been handed out to DECA, Trotwood Schools, Wesley Center, Dayton Boys and Girls Clubs, and the library.  If more are needed, call Sheila Hood.
  • Leadership Council:
    • All Member Meeting-20 evaluations were returned and a summary of the information was handed out.  The evaluation summary is available on request.  Speed dating will occur again in January.  Every comment that was on the evaluations was included in the summary.
    • Items that happened and were posted on the web site are as listed:
      • Care house-UAVGVD Stewards of Child-child sexual abuse prevention training November 8, 2013 and May 9, 2014.  Jenny is registering us on event brite.
      • ADAMUS board information-Stop Bullying presentation on November 14, 2013-Sandy Hunt is speaking.  Event will be held at MCESC from 9:00-12:00 and it is free.  Registration is done at www.mcadamhs.org
      • Michelle provided “Proud Partner of UAV” signs to be displayed at agency public area. .
      • Business cards were also made available for members to use.  Put them in areas to help grow awareness of UAV.
      • The group that we mentored from Southeast Nebraska sent some of the messages that they used to show how they are working.  They provided the materials because we have always shared with them and they wanted to share with us.
      • The 2014 calendar has been set and space reserved at the ADAMHS Board except for all members meeting which will be held at UTS (also scheduled).

Agency Sharing:

  • See information above under Leadership Council.
  • Sharon reviewed seminar information on safety for faith communities which is being held Friday, November 8.
  • The re-entry conference was good this year.  Some agencies are signing up for Care House training and for Self Defense training.
  • Andrea indicated that UD now has a non-profit leadership certificate program, open to the community-you do not have to be a student.  It is a 12 hours program.
  • United Way and Office of Family and Children’s First has a nonprofit certificate training-Capacity Training.
  • This is Hispanic awareness month-councils are eating Hispanic foods.  There was a power point presentation on each table for review-provided by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  The awareness of diversity is always helpful toward the reduction of violence.
  • Sandy was asked to do a presentation in Spanish.  Her high school Spanish teacher will go with her to do the interpretation.  There is a need to have a person who is able to conduct presentations in Spanish and they should also be available for the hearing impaired/deaf community.  We should take a look at needs in the neighborhoods.  If anyone has information to provide in these areas, please let Sandy know.
  • A suggestion was made that each agency give a short presentation (10 minutes) during the Leadership meeting.  These presentations will begin January, 2014.
  • Chris and Becky are doing a presentation for the deaf community on personal and home safety.  The sponsoring organization is also trying to get Mary Tyler’s group to get deaf young people involved in the cops and teens program using interpreters.
  • Wesley Center is having their annual musical Sunday November 10 at Grace United Methodist Church.  In addition to purchasing tickets, they would like to have persons take an ad in their booklet.  The information is on the web site.
  • Sean indicated that Sandy was involved in a panel discussion about House bill 203 and she brought a great person with her.   He wanted to thank her and indicated that she did a great job.
  • Discussions of each of the above areas followed.

Meeting adjourned

Next meeting:

  • November 19, 2013

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