Young Adult Minutes – September 23 2013

November 1, 2013 @ 3:43 pm
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  • Sheila Hood and Romona Roberts

Discussion Items:

  • The meeting began with a welcome from Romona Roberts and Sheila Hood.
  • The Young Adults began viewing the video of the Police Brochure presentation at NCCJ’s Police & Youth Together Camp.
  • After viewing the presentation the Young Adults were asked to give feedback.  They determined that for future presentations the Young Adults should have a microphone. The Young Adults also thought that a PowerPoint should be made to assist with the presentation.
  • Other critiques were made addressing matters such as: omitting the use of the ball for questions, more rehearsal time, having the presenters more outgoing and having giveaways.  Romona asked the Council if the previous presenters would still be interested in continuing to do the presentation.  They answered “yes”.  She also had the Young Adults to once again form committees for both the presentation and the distribution of the brochure.
  • The Council also took a vote on having a Dayton Police Officer present when presentations are made.  It was explained that the Officer is needed in cases of questions being asked that were not directly pertaining to the brochure.
  • The Council agreed to have a Police Officer present during YAFC Police Brochure Presentations.
  • The meeting continued with Sheila beginning the next agenda item “Connecting with the Elderly”.
  • The Young Adults were told about the ideas of having a forum directed towards Senior Citizens.  They agreed that this forum would better inform the Young Adults on what activities they could do with the Seniors Citizens.
  • Committees for the forum were made (Invitations, Set/Clean Up, Greeters, and Presenters). The Young Adults then went on to suggest what items should be on the menu for the event.  Sheila gave suggestions to the Young Adults on other ideas that the Young Adults could use to continue building upon the knowledge of what Seniors Citizens may want to do.
  • The Young Adults were told about other UAVGD partners interested in connecting with the Young Adults and giving the Young Adults information about Senior Citizens.  The idea of watching a movie concerning Seniors was introduced to the Young Adults.
  • Each idea was well received by the Young Adults.  They took a vote on using both ideas and all agreed.
  • The focus of the meeting then went to the announcement portion.  Sheila announced to the Young Adults the Catholic Social Services of Miami Valley Human Trafficking presentation that was scheduled to take place Tuesday October 1, 2013.  She told the Young Adults that if any would like to attend they would have to let her know and have their permission slip signed by a parent / guardian.
  • The meeting was concluded after feedback was given from the Young Adults.

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