Young Adult Minutes – 11/11/13

November 11, 2013 @ 9:28 am
posted by StopViolenceAdmin


  • Sheila Hood and Romona Roberts

Meeting Notes:

  • The meeting began with the Young Adults confirming their tasks for the Connecting with the Elderly event scheduled for Monday November 18th 2013.
  • The Young Adults went over: how the room would be set up, decorations, food, those that would be in charge of the camera, gift bags and thank you cards.
  • They decided who the greeters would be.
  • The Chair of the Connecting with the Elderly objective and the Co-Chair of YAFC would be the MC’s of this event and in charge of the “fish bowl” questions.
  • The YAFC members’ second item on the agenda “Police Brochure Presentation” discussion began.
  • The Young Adults were told to create different ways to have the Brochure presented.  They separated into groups and began creating shorts skits.  These skits would be used as “openers” to presentations.
  • Due to lack of time the Young Adults were not able to act out their skits but did discuss them briefly.
  • The Young Adults were told about possible future presentations sites for the Police Brochure and Safe Dates.
  • The Young Adults talked about the Detention Center visits and that the Young Adults would go into further activities of the objective “Youth Empowerment”.
  • After all questions had been answered the meeting was ended.


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