Leadership Minutes – 01/21/14

January 21, 2014 @ 4:05 pm
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  • Nancy Bleil, Sue McGatha, Michelle Dilts-Gibson, Brian O’Connell, Catherine Dempsey, Cherise Hairston, Cristina Mortsoff, Colleen Smith, Donna McGhee, Gail Simpson, Jeanette Taylor, Jill Parker, Jim Bolden, Karen Via, Kyla Estelle, Larry Lane, Linda Parrish, Mary yler, Michael Newsom, Rhonda Mercs, Romona Roberts, Sandy Hunt, Sean Walton, Sharon Becker, Sheila Hood, Toni Perry Gillespie, Trischelle Estelle, Vivian Schooler, Randi Wallace, Harriet Klass, T. J. Curry, Susan Gottschalk, Anthony Whitmore.


  • Aaron Martin, Adirane Miller, Amaha Sellassie, Anna Horton, Annie Bonapart, Barbara Holmes, Becky Gaytko, Beth Adelman, Bonnie Parrish, Bonnie Weyrauch, Clara Clasen (sent regrets), Caroline Smith, Cheryl Oliver, Chris Pawelski, Cordell Williams, Crystal Walker, Darian Thorton, Daryl Wilson, Debbie Santiago, Demarco Turner, Denise Uhl-Jenkins, Devine Gober, Diane Brogan-Adams, Dominique Nation, Donerick Black, Dorian Davis, Erik Wilson, Genivieve Richardson, Harris Tay, Jamie Gee, Jane Keiffer, Jennifer Moyer, Jeremy Roy, Joe Spitler (regrets sent), John Porter, John Smith (regrets sent), John Terrell, Joyce Gerren, Kairun Kelly, Karen Clark, Karen Wolford, Katrina Walling, Laura Roesch, Libby Nicholson, Lizbeth Negron, Lois Keil, Mandril Hood, Michelle Cason, Michelle Zaremba, Nan Erbaugh, Nan Whaley, Nate Arnett (regrets sent), Nicholas Walling, Pam Long, Pat Coleman, Pat Foley, Patti Schwarztrauber, Phil Plummer, Quierra Harris, Quincy Pope, Raleigh Thornton III, Regina Hankins, Renee Roberts, Richard Biehl, Rose Martin Morand, Roy Hollis, Ryan Taylor, Sandra Speed, Scott Landis, Shantya Gibson, Shay Hepeth, Tawny Brown, Tena Mitchell, Teresa Giehl, Terra Williams, Terrilynn Giffith, Thomas Rueth (regrets sent), Tim Beasley, Willie Patterson.


  • The meeting began with breakfast.  Afterward, Sue McGatha introduced Sandy Hunt, Co Chair of UAV Leadership Council who in turn introduced the presenter, Tonya Folks.
  • Tonya of “Be Free Dayton” gave a presentation on human trafficking.  She gave a brief review of who is susceptible, how it occurs, who is pursuing it, and the red flags assist with identification when it is happening.  She also provided definitions of persons associated with trafficking, how it looks in the suburbs (girls are not as savvy), and in the city (a little more savvy-they need to have different persuasion).  Twenty percent (20%) of trafficking in Ohio is with boys and about eighteen (18%) is with foreign born persons.  Three hundred thousand (300,000) nationally and three thousand (3000) in Ohio are indentified as high risk in the system, but not everyone is on the record.  Ohio is the 5th largest slave state in the nation.  Victims are broken down totally in spirit so that they can become a participating member of the team. Tonya provided a list of red flags that could be signs of trafficking.  She also provided pictures of some branding and the number to call if you should see the signs or branding.  (Michelle will email the information to all.)  Her group is willing to conduct training for three or more interested persons and can be reached at www.beefreedayton.org.  Questions and answers followed.

Council Sharing:

  • Neighborhoods-has three projects for the past quarter:
    • After school program-continue to receive information on schools from community programs and agencies.  There is an ongoing need to continue to have the information forwarded to council.
    • Carla met with Parents and Family Council who have developed a data sheet to gather neighborhood assets, liabilities, locations, program qualifications, and times available.  This also is ongoing.
    • We have reviewed the Westwood report conducted by University of Dayton students and it was very good.  We will meet to determine how best to utilize the information to assist the program/communities.
  • Funding:
    • They have received $5000 from DP&L Foundation for Second Step.
    • They are now in the process of budget review to see what additionally is needed and how to proceed.
    • They will also be contacting group to see who is willing to place a permanent banner in their agency once funding is available.
  • Young Adult:
    • Review of Seasoned Friends connection they hosted with the elderly.  It was a good interaction loved by young adults and seniors.
    • Youth attended the Prosecutor’s Memorial service in December (50 people honored).  It was moving for young adults who did not know about these kind of things.  It impacted them as they listened to the victim’s family members speak and saw the aftermath of violence.
    • The other event attended was a tour of the Juvenile Detention Center and the adult jail.  The experience was moving because they were treated as if they were as incarcerated individuals.  Mr. Jarvis presented and took the young adults through how it felt.
    • The new adventure for 2014 is trying to reach their peers in the Meadowdale and Trotwood area.  They will also be working on getting more information on gangs and recognition of signals and signs in the Miami Valley area.
  • Youth Prevention & Intervention:
    • Safe dates- a grant has been submitted for safe dates training with the curriculum.
    • Self defense training continues with Officer Chris at DPD.
    • Human trafficking-trying to get something for high schools students going, but meetings with the principal have been cancelled because of snow days.
    • The Violence Prevention contest through Prosecutors office is being promoted by this council and we are encouraging councils to participate.
    • Second Step-received the additional $5000.  The providers have looked at the outcomes report and will be making some changes.  WSU will do an outcome analysis.  Providers met and shared successes, Sean and Judge McGhee-Cromartie attended the graduation for Jim Bolden.
    • The Council is still discussing doing Second Step at an after school program.  Need to continue to address some questions that have come up.
  • Parent & Family:
    • Thanks to Christina Mortsoff, we met and talked about providers, what can be done and how we can get to know each other more speed dating.  We have finished t he provider survey and this will be sent out within the next month.  The preference is that it be electronically when it is sent out and that it be returned that way.
    • Thank you to the mediation center who will lead the restorative justice portion of the logic model.
    • Mary Tyler will lead Parent and Family Council in February for compression planning.
    • Informational packets will be put together and supplied in certain areas for community safety and other areas.  This council will put the packets together.
    • May 17 will be the POP conference at the Croc Center.

Community Awareness:

  • Speakers Bureau (Logic Model-Obj. 7.1)
    • Thanks to Mary Tyler for her work on getting this project started. Content has been reviewed/approved by Sue McGatha with suggested changes made.  The title is ‘Be the Hope Stop the Violence”.  Chris Pawelski is currently stylizing the presentation.  The next steps are to take it to the Feb. CAC and Leadership meetings for presentations.  Presenters will be recruited, (4-5) primarily from Leadership. A presenter’s training will be conducted. The plan is to conduct 4 presentations by June, 2014. Members are asked to assist us to get connected with any civic and Ministerial groups in the 4 neighborhoods.  An Operational Outline has been created so this whole process is well organized.
  • Calendar (Logic Model-Obj. 7.3)
    • Brian O’Connell and Linda Parrish are the leads on this project. Goal is to send out a quarterly calendar of upcoming events to all UAV members.  Calendar Report/Spreadsheet will help members plan involvement months ahead of events and UAV staff track and record member involvement in activities for grant reports
  • All Faith Conference (Logic Model-Obj. 7.4 or 7.5)
    • UAV is going to be a part of another collaborative project. The conference, titled “Faith, Awareness, and Action….Addressing Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence” brings awareness and a call to action for prevention and elimination of these acts of violence.  Some of the members of the April, 2013 UAV-All Faith Conference are already on the committee, so collaboration makes sense.  The conference will be October 29 from 9:00 to 4:00 PM at UD’s Old River campus.  There will be a youth component from 4:30 to 6:30PM.  Collaborating partners are: The United Methodist Church, University of Dayton, Greater Dayton Christian Connections, Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton, Abolition Ohio, Episcopal Church of Southern Ohio (Jim Bolden), among others.
  • Connecting to place of Faith (Logic Model-Obj. 7.4)
    • A mailing to the faith communities in the four focus neighborhoods is planned in 2014. An introductory letter will be created coming from Sue and the current UAV chair.  UAV information items would be included, along with ways the faith community can get involved, support the efforts, etc.


  • DPS volunteer training February 8 10-1:00-YMCA-Project Read.  Flyers are available.
  • The Teen Celebration for MLK was outstanding-had to turn some people away and had to send back to McDonalds for more food.  21st year for this and numbers were exceeded. The film “The Butler” was shown.

Next Meeting:

  • The next All Council meeting will be in April 15 at UTS.  The next Leadership meeting will be February 18 at 9:00 AM.

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