Leadership Minutes – 03/18/14

March 18, 2014 @ 3:23 pm
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  • Sandy Hunt, Nancy Bliel, Sheila Hood, Romona Roberts, Michelle Dilts-Gibson, Vivian Schooler, Rhonda Mercs, Sharon Becker, Joyce Gerren, Jim Bolden, Sean Walton, Linda Parrish, Larry Lane, Mary Tyler, Sue McGatha, Joe Spitler, Carla Clasen, Captain John Porter, Becky Gaytko, Jo Ann Richardson for Tony Perry-Gillespie, Terra Williams, Randy Wallace.


  • Laura Roesch, Bonnie Parish, Cheryl Oliver, Chief Pope, Chris Pawleski, Cordell Williams, Donerik Black, Captain Wilson, Harris Tay, Libby Nicholson, Michelle Zaremba, Nan Whaley, Patti Schwarztrauber, Rob Streck, Roy Hollis, Sheriff Plummer, Tim Beasley, Toni Perry-Gillespie, Karen Via, Andrea Hoff, Jennifer Moyer, Ryan Taylor, Chief Biehl, Andrea Roldan, Sandra Speed.

Welcome/CHI Conference:

  • Sandy Hunt welcomed all members and had each person introduce themselves around the table. She indicated that she just returned from the Catholic Health Initiative Conference (CHI) and reported a summary of what occurred. Nancy indicated that UAV was used as examples several times during the conference. Ideas and information will be shared with each Council.


  • Larry Lane, Resource Officer for the Sherriff’s Department presented the S.T.A.R.S. program (Students Taking A Real Stand) which was started several years ago. It serves grades Pre K-12 and is taken from the Sherriff’s five point star. The program increases the relationship between law enforcement and children. Everything they do is built around the acronym S.T.A.R.S (Standing Strong, Standing Smart, Standing Still, Standing Safe, Stand and Serve). The Sherriff’s Department goes around and talks to students about choices, weapons and what the response should be, stranger danger, bullying, drugs, etc. They encourage schools to recognize students who do nice things even though they may be the problem of the school. Larry demonstrated how to incorporate the acronym (S.T.A.R.S.) into a bullying or drug and alcohol program. Their goal is always to get children to think. Discussion followed.
  • Becky Gaytko presented the Community Awareness Power Point on The United Against Violence “Violence Shatters Lives” presentation. The purpose of this presentation is to let those around us know who we are, what we do, the goal of the organization and how we can keep the organization moving forward fiscally and physically. This presentation will allow the receiving organization to determine how they can contribute time, volunteers, and talents to further the UAV and its goals in the community of their choice. The Council has also set up a process using something like a booking form to keep up with requests that come in. The goal is to have this completed by the end of June. Discussion and suggestions followed. Nancy suggested that a video of a small group Second Step students going through the process be added once permissions have been obtained.
  • Romona Roberts presented the Westwood Study conducted by the UD Fitz Center Leadership in Community class (32 students-10 week course). Issues, educational achievement, and barriers were discussed: Parent involvement in children’s education-many parents cannot pass the background check. Family growth and development has increased in the areas headed by single females. What are we doing to engage them? Health and wellness was another topic. They discussed a “Catch 22”-no grocery stores within the Westwood area. One of the excellent resources in the area is the Wesley Center with their garden program, but there are convenience stores popping up in the area, but they sell fast food. Next is the relocation of the library to possibly the Armory area on Gettysburg or the old GM on West Third Street. The sale of narcotics has increased in the area with increasing numbers of youth involvement. Assets available in the area-50 churches. What outreach programs are the churches involved in, what are they doing? Many of the residents do not attend the churches in their areas, but attend churches outside the areas. What can they bring back to help the areas? Wesley Center is considered an asset and what they are doing to help? How can we increase the awareness of the residents in that area? What about the use of digital billboards? Shared vision of desired futures and the things that that want to see happen in Westwood. What are we going to do about this report, are we going to sit down and talk to churches in the area to see where is going to be done? One negative aspect of the report-it contains no voice from the young people to determine what they see going on and what they want to see for the area. Some other areas were vacant houses and crime stats. The UD students went to some of the churches, residents, businesses in the area who are sited in the report. Because of the study conducted in Westwood, Brother Ray has indicated that they are moving on to Trotwood. Wesley Center is in a year of reorganization and is looking at their year to determine what they are going to do. UAV is talking to some of the churches, organizations, and businesses in the area to look at direction. Part of what we can do is to work with the persons who live there. Becky mailed out a copy of the report to all of the patrol officers in the West patrol area and asked that they look at the persons in the back who participated and become familiar with them. A copy of the report is available on the web site. Discussion followed.

Council Sharing/Needs/Requests:

  1. Neighborhoods Council
    • Provided a summary of what the Council is doing (per handout). Transportation continues to be a challenge for each of the areas.
  2. Community Awareness Council
    • Is working to get the yearly calendar updated on a regular basis (provided a copy of the calendar events).  It is a work in progress and information needs to be sent in to keep up the calendar.  It will be on the web site and will be user friendly.
  3. Parent & Family Success
    • Had compression training last month with Mary Tyler.  The training helped narrow the vision down to two communities, Westwood and Trotwood as a focus for the next 6 months.
    • Everyone should have received their provider survey and should return the completed form to Michelle.
  4. Youth Prevention & Intervention
    • The MVCPOP conference needs face painters for a 51/2 hours period; the time can be broken up. They also need persons who have other expertise. They are also putting together a youth tract.
    • The Council has connected with UD’s NAM Fairmont, this is the first chapter. The conference on domestic violence and human trafficking (youth lead) will be held in October. The adult component is October 28. The NAM group needs funding for speakers and other areas. More information will be forth coming.
    • The violence prevention judging contest will be in April. Everyone will be invited to go to the Victim Witness room and judge, once dates have been solidified. They have a system and it will take about an hour. They are also looking for persons to promote and display the art work. Contact Regina Hankins or Sandy Hunt for this. The ceremony will be held May 7 at the Masonic Temple.
    • Safe Dates have applied for a grant to increase training and they are waiting for a response.
    • Women’s self defense, 1000 women have been trained to date.
    • The Second Step write up Is in the FCFC report, page 38
  5. Funding
    • Submitted application to Sisters of Precious Blood for $5000.00 for Second Step to be used with Trotwood’s after school lunch program for educational enrichment.
    • The Council will address funding needs for the human trafficking 2014 conference.
    • Please sign up for the Dorothy Lane Market Good Neighbors Program.
    • Banners that were ordered are present and need to have the agreement signed. It indicates that the organization will send pictures of activities.
  6. Young Adult Council
    • Is recruiting new members. The Council will be working with Maranatha Church as well as Meadowdale High School. There have been requests from them at this point to talk about safe dates. The Council will be contacting members to help.
    • Joe Spitler has helped set up Juvenile Detention Center tours for the Young Adult Focus Council and they are now on their second round.


  • CIRGV is sponsoring a neighborhood affair (“The Killing Must Stop”) to reduce gun violence on March 27 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Westwood Pre K-8 School.
  • Captain John Porter indicated that they have been feeding 40-50 kids per day (Monday-Thursday) in Trotwood-Meadowlark Apartments, starting mid September last year.  They are beginning to see some changes in the responses of the students and there has been some slight decrease in calls from this area.  The second site opened is in the Westbrook Village area (Westbrooke Village Apartments and Castlebrook) and they have about 5-10 students so far.  The third sight will be Deer Creek apartments, Wingate at Belle Meadows and Belle Meadows Apartments which hopefully will open on Monday of next week at Trotwood Prep and Fitness.  This is being done in conjunction with Trotwood Schools, Trotwood.  The grant is only for one year.  There will be a gala tomorrow night at Trotwood-Madison High School as a fund raiser in the Commons area at 6:15 PM.  He encourages everyone to come out and see what is going on.  One hundred people can be accommodated and 20 have sent a RSVP.  Donations can be made to the City of Trotwood Champs (Combating Hunger Through After School & Summer Meal Programs) program.

Next Meeting:

  •  The next meeting will be the All Council meeting on April 15 at United Theological Seminary, time to be determined.

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