Young Adult Minutes – 03/24/14

March 24, 2014 @ 2:29 pm
posted by StopViolenceAdmin


  • The meeting began with greetings from Sheila Hood and Romona Roberts.
  • The Young Adults were told that there was a lot of information to be covered today.
  • One of the Co-Chairs headed the meeting with Sheila Hood and Romona Roberts assisting.
  • The first item on the agenda was the second tour of the Adult and Juvenile Detention Centers.
  • The Young Adults went over the rules and regulations provided by both detentions centers.
  • The Young Adults were then told the pickup time and covered other items of the day.
  • One of the YAFC Co-Chairs asked for those that had their permission slips to turn them in.
  • Romona Roberts addressed the next item on the agenda.  She told the Young Adults about the meeting that has been scheduled for the YAFC and the Maranatha Young Adults.  This meeting would tell the Young Adults of Maranatha about UAVGD /YAFC.  This meeting would also allow the Young Adults to select one of the objectives of the YAFC to seek mentorship on.  The Young Adults that wanted to participate in this meeting wrote down their names.
  • Sheila Hood gave the details of the 2014 Levin Health Fair.  She asked for those that wish to participate to please sign up.  A brief discussion was had over recruiting new members.
  • The Young Adults were told that they should seek other Young Adults such as themselves-leaders and show a commitment to Violence Prevention.
  • Romona Roberts then asked the Young Adults to break into groups of 3 to begin their “Team Building” exercises.
  • The Young Adults went through 3 different exercises.
  • After each exercise a discussion was had to give the purpose of the exercise and to receive feedback from the Young Adults.
  • The Co-Chair then told the Young Adults how it was extremely important for the Young Adults to return their membership permission forms as soon as possible.
  • The meeting was ended after the Young Adults questions were answered.

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