Young Adult Minutes – 05/19/14

May 19, 2014 @ 2:35 pm
posted by StopViolenceAdmin


  • This was the 3rd annual United Against Violence of Greater Dayton’s Young Adults Focus Council’s Celebration.
  • This celebration was created to reward the Young Adults on their dedication and hard work in the Council and to recognize the graduating seniors of the class of 2014.
  • The Young Adults were allowed to invite 2 of their friends along with family members.
  • The Senior Citizen group from Wesley Community Center was invite as well.  This event also gave the Young Adults a chance to share with their fellow YAFC members some of the accomplishments they made in their schools.
  • At the beginning of the meeting a video brought in by one of the graduating seniors was viewed and throughout the celebration a slideshow of the Young Adults pictures were shown.
  • When all the participants arrived the opening ceremony began with Sheila Hood welcoming everyone and reading a letter from Nancy Bleil.
  • The letter spoke about how proud Nancy was of the Young Adults and how UAVGD would always be here for them to come back.
  • After reading the letter Romona Roberts gave the prayer and dinner was served.
  • After dinner Romona Roberts gave remarks.
  • Sheila invited the YAFC Co-Chairs to come up front.
  • The Co- Chairs gave a brief description of UAVGD and brief description on  YAFC. Sheila then began to tell about the different activities/events the Young Adults had participated in throughout the year.
  • The celebration continued with the recognition of each YAFC.
  • The seniors were recognized first receiving a certificate, gift card, ear buds and a sling bag (ear buds and sling bags were given to the YAFC members by the Victims Witness Division of the Montgomery Prosecutors Office).
  • Next the other YAFC members were recognized receiving a certificate, ear buds and a sling bag.
  • After each student received their gifts pictures were taken.
  • One YAFC member recited a poem that he had written.
  • Another YAFC member recited a poem he had written and gave thanks to the seniors for their characteristics that made him a better person.
  • The ceremony ended with more pictures being taken and closing remarks by Sheila Hood.

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