Young Adult Minutes – 06/09/14

June 9, 2014 @ 2:39 pm
posted by StopViolenceAdmin


  • The meeting began with Romona Roberts and Sheila Hood saying welcome to the Young Adults and making the announcement about 2 camps that the YAFC members might be interested in.
  • One of the YAFC Co-Chairs gave details about Camp Harambee and Sheila Hood gave details about ANYTOWN.
  • The YAFC then began getting started on the agenda items.
  • The group went over the first item on the agenda – membership recruitment and the Success of Our Council.
  • Sheila told the Council that it was a need for recruitment and that the Young Adults should be looking at other Young Adults that they feel have leadership qualities.
  • The Young Adults then discussed what ways they would express the Success of their Council.
  • Each Young Adult told of the event(s) and or presentation through UAVGD’s Young Adult Focus Council that has impacted their lives.
  • They decided on creating a video that would have a quote from each Young Adult.
  • The video will be entitled “Spread like a wildfire”.
  • The next portion of the meeting went into the 3rd annual Friends & Family Fun Day.
  • The Young Adults formed committees covering the food, music, and games.
  • The group was told about the opportunity to once again present the
  • ACT kNOWledge police brochure to youth at the NCCJ’s Police and Youth Together Camp.
  • After all agenda items were discussed the YAFC members then began 2 Team Building exercises.
  • After the Team Building exercises were complete the meeting was ended.

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