Leadership Minutes – 06/17/14

June 17, 2014 @ 2:44 pm
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  • Nancy Bleil, Sheila Hood, Romona Roberts, Michelle Dilts-Gibson, Vivian Schooler, Jim Bolden, Sue McGatha, Jennifer Moyer, Joyce Gerren, Carla Clasen, Kairun Kelly, Sandra Speed, Sharon Becker, Linda Parrish, Mary Tyler, John Smith, Toni Perry-Gillespie
  • Absent: Laura Roesch, Bonnie Parish, Cheryl Oliver, Chief Pope, Chris Pawleski, Cordell Williams, Donerik Black, Captain Wilson, Harris Tay, Libby Nicholson, Michelle Zaremba, Nan Whaley, Patti Schwarztrauber, Rob Streck, Roy Hollis, Sheriff Plummer, Tim Beasley, Karen Via, Andrea Hoff, Ryan Taylor, Chief Biehl, Andrea Roldan, Sandy Hunt, Rhonda Mercs, Sean Walton, Larry Lane, Joe Spitler, Captain John Porter, Becky Gaytko, Terra Williams, Randy Wallace


  • Nancy welcomed all members. She discussed cancelling the July leadership meeting because of vacations. A vote was taken and the consensus was that the July meeting should be cancelled. Joyce suggested that an email be sent out to all members to remind them of this.

Clearing House Directory:

  • Jennie brought a copy of the directory and asked that each person go through and look at their agency information, make any corrections that need to be made, or add your agency. This will allow the updates to be made and the document can be printed.

Council Reports:

  • Neighborhoods Council:
    • The council met last week and Amaha, a council member, made a presentation of information he acquired on his “Compassionate Cities” training in Switzerland.
    • The group is still trying to get with Anthony Whitmore of RTA to come and speak on transportation for after school activities as he had to cancel for the last meeting. Transportation is turning out to be a barrier for many programs.
    • The council has scheduled a meeting in July to work on their presentation for the August All Council meeting.
  • Community Awareness Council:
    • The council has been conducting Speaker’s Bureau presentations through various different persons for UAV. There have been 8-9 completed since the first of the year. If materials are needed or if you make a presentation, please let Michelle know. The actual presentation was slowed down just a little bit, but is back on tract. It is being edited and will be ready shortly.
    • The mailing for the all faith community in the four neighborhoods has not gone out yet because the IT portion of Samaritan Behavioral Health, Inc. is experiencing some difficulties and Michelle cannot access the database. The mailing is to go out on June 21 with a follow up in September. It will contain the letter (presented during the meeting), nonviolent language change information, the youth guide for interacting with police officers produced by the youth, and a book mark with messages to prevent violence. If it does not make the June mailing, it will not be mailed out until the end of August. A follow up would then be done late September or early October for the event.
    • On October 29, 2014 an event will be held at UD River Campus focusing on reducing domestic violence and human trafficking. Once more information is available it will be sent out and registration will open up in August. The cost will be $25.00 which includes lunch and breakout sessions will be held on different topics. The youth component has been cancelled because of a youth event being planned by the Fairmont Student’s Club on Human Trafficking.
    • The second House of Worship Hazard and Safety training has been completed. Discussion questions about all areas followed.
  • Parent & Family Success:
    • In April, May and June, the council completed three parent skill building workshops with education and care being provided. Final counts will be ready once all of the paperwork has been received. The fatherhood initiative, “My Dad Rocks”, occurred this past weekend.
    • The “Be Safe” Packets have had minimal suggestions on what to put in them. The council will look at a tri-fold brochure where the information is added from key people (mediation center, police department, UAV website, restraining orders).
    • The service provider questionnaire has been sent out 3 times with only 12 responses. This document is to be given as a guide to schools and churches in the neighborhoods to provide information so they know what is available (programming, etc.) and what can be brought out to their sites. It is ready to be printed but, what does leadership suggest be done with this information because of the low response? Discussion and questions followed. Sue suggested that as they look through the Clearinghouse Directory and there are organizations listed that it is critical that we have information, either go to their website and fill in the blanks or contact them directly to complete the information.
  • Youth Prevention & Intervention:
    • This Council is wrapping up their requirements and rather than disbanding and they agreed to assist some other councils. They are going to take the community calendar from Community Awareness. They are looking at how to get that information in front of group members, how to move it as soon as they have the event, and to continue getting the good news out.
    • Brian discussed a project that he has been working on during the meeting and the Council has taken on a community clean up in Westwood in the fall although it may be moved to Upper Riverdale. The Council will work on scheduling with Brian. They would like to look at October since it will be domestic violence awareness and crime prevention awareness month with the other events occurring during this month.
    • Under Second Step, the goal was to get message out to professionals. DPS is doing education and enrichment for teachers this summer. Jeanette Taylor is going to meet with new and seasoned teachers on two different days about behavior and classroom management. They will also be speaking with the librarians about this date to be determined. They will be putting posters up on Second Step in all of their areas. They are still trying to get 4Cs for Children and bus drivers on board.
    • For women’s self defense, the goal was to train 75 women, but they are over 1000. There have been two more trainings, one had to be rescheduled. Only one site in Head Start has been trained, but she wants all of her sites trained so Chris and his staff have agreed to that. Discussion and questions followed.
    • Rhonda indicated that Eleventh Hour will be singing prior to Teresa Flores taking the stage on human trafficking. Fair trade is coming and NAM from UD is going to set up their display. The City of Kettering is backing this event (including Fire and Police) and the mayor is taking it to the City Council for official backing. The group will talk to Anthony Whitmore about transportation for students. The event will be held on October 22, 2014 from 5:30 PM-8:00 PM at Trent Arena. They want to have a poster contest with prizes. They are working on media coverage with Kim Farris. Discussion and suggestions followed.
  • Funding:
    • UAV received $2500.00 from Sisters of the Precious Blood for the enrichment portion of the Trotwood summer school feeding program.
    • They are meeting with the FCFC and Mathile Foundation for funding for 2014-15 for Second Step.
    • Jenny and Sheila are gearing up to put the UAV banner pictures from each agency on the web site. Please send in all pictures if they have not been sent.
  • Young Adult Council:
    • The police brochures, wallet cards, and the book marks have been taken to the library so they can be placed in all of the libraries.
    • Kairun Kelly is one of the Co Chairs of this council and he reported that they did a membership recruitment of Shamari Treadwell from DECA.
    • They are doing a presentation with NCCJ at Police and Youth Together.
    • A member of their council is also giving a presentation at Any Town.
    • Young Adult Focus Council friends and family fun day (date to be decided) will be discussed at their next meeting.
    • They have decided to do a video for the All Council meeting at Sinclair.
    • Nancy asked Kairun to talk about what he sees for the Young Adult Focus Council. He responded that it is really helping the young adults be aware of violence. It really touched him when they went to the MVCPOP conference and got insight on gangs and other information. He indicated that they would like to expand more, eventually nationally and internationally.
  • Leadership:
    • Second Step will be taught in three areas this summer by Public Health. These sites include: St. Margaret Art Camp, KIDS, and a couple of other sites.
    • Nancy has a meeting with Horizon School and it looks like the program is going to be expanded to that group.

Summer Events:

  • All Council meeting is at Sinclair on August 19, tentatively 9:30 AM-1:00PM. Registration will be on the web site as soon as the information is available. You must register for this and receive a ticket because a head count is needed. The mayor, Mat Heck, school superintendents, and others have been invited to see the presentations as well as the national CHI representative, Diane Jones.
  • On June 20, 2014 the community health fair picnic will be held at the House of Bread from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM.
  • On July 14-18, 2014 St. Margaret Episcopal Church will have their summer Youth Art Camp, the cost is $25.00. Three will be a program on that Friday showing the parents all of the things the children have done.
  • Any Town is in progress this week and there were forty-six high school students. Police and Youth together is also full. Recruitment has gone extremely well.
  • National Night Out-Residence Park will be the first Tuesday of August (5th).
  • DPS has a summer school program that is full. Four hundred students were not on track to pass the OAA and so they are automatically enrolled in the program.
  • DPS has placed three reading instructors in Freedom Schools at Omega, Wesley Center, and Wogoman.
  • There are three summer block parties with the Human Relations Council and DPS is going to have a table at each of them. The areas and dates are July 12-Wogoman, July 25 at Desota Bass, and August 2-Westwood
  • Trotwood is having traditional summer school as well and in addition they have a special summer school program covering reading and math as well as enrichment activities which started yesterday. They will be bringing in groups like DCDC as well as sponsoring field trips to various venues in the Miami Valley Area. It runs through July 18 and there are two hundred and sixty-four K-8th grade students involved. This is a first for Trotwood and is available through grant funding.
  • Trotwood Schools will also be providing the food for the after school program where Second Step is providing some of the enrichment.
  • John Smith announced that he will be retiring from Trotwood Schools at the end of the month and will be replaced by Marlon Howard.
  • Some of the members of Youth Focus Council will attend Camp Harambee sponsored by Wesley Community Center. It is a camp on leadership and is held in Bellefontaine, Ohio. It is for students ages 13-17 and will be held July 21-25, 2014. They have sessions in the morning like devotion, classes on leadership qualities, and one day the CEO from Wesley comes up and speaks to the group. There are 30 spots available and there are still openings. The cost originally is $400.00, but because there are sponsors from Wesley, the cost is $25.00. For information contact Angela Birdsong at Wesley Center.
  • On June 22, 2014 at 2:00 PM, a presentation on stopping violence will be given at the Peace Museum and Linda Parrish is a speaker.
  • June 22, 2014 will be the World Refugee day from 11:00 AM-3:00 PM at Macintosh Park on West Riverview.

Staff Summer Events:

  • Staff is participating in some events this summer. These include the Fatherhood Initiative; they will be at Juneteenth at the courthouse, the National Night Out Festival in Trotwood, and the big Agape Festival in August.

Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting will be the All Council meeting on August 19, 2014 at Sinclair Community College, tentatively from 9:30 AM-1:00 PM. The next Leadership meeting will be Septembe

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