Leadership Minutes – 05/20/14

June 18, 2014 @ 2:33 pm
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  • Sandy Hunt, Nancy Bleil, Sheila Hood, Romona Roberts, Michelle Dilts-Gibson, Vivian Schooler, Joyce Gerren, Sue McGatha, Joe Spitler, Carla Clasen, Jennifer Moyer, Becky Gaytko, John Smith, Mary Tyler
  • Absent: Laura Roesch, Bonnie Parish, Cheryl Oliver, Chief Pope, Chris Pawleski, Cordell Williams, Donerik Black, Erik Wilson, Harris Tay, Libby Nicholson, Michelle Zaremba, Nan Whaley, Patti Schwarztrauber, Rob Streck, Roy Hollis, Sheriff Plummer, Tim Beasley, Toni Perry-Gillespie, Karen Via, Andrea Hoff, Jennifer Moyer, Ryan Taylor, Chief Biehl, Andre Roldan, Sandra Speed, Rhonda Mercs, Sharon Becker, Jim Bolden, Sean Walton, Linda Parrish, Larry Lane, John Porter, Terra Williams, Randy Wallace.


  • Sandy welcomed each person to the meeting.


  • Nancy gave Becky a reward for being the first Leadership person see and report a billboard.
  • There were four electronic billboards for the MVCPOP conference.  There are ten other billboards located on Third street at Edwin Moses, Shiloh Springs right above Capitol Cleaners, Salem Avenue close to old Friendly’s Ice Cream, Gettysburg at Little Richmond, Main Street, further up Third Street, and on Dixie near Stop Eight Road.  Some discussion occurred.


  • Miami Valley MVCPOP Conference:  Becky gave appreciation to Michelle and Adrianne Miller (NCCJ) as well as UAV for their support of the conference.  There were over 300 persons who came in and out all day long.  Ninety-seven children were registered, but only thirty-seven showed up.  There were also some adults who did not show up.  Rhonda Mercs and the Urban Child Redevelopment Center won the nonprofit of the year award.  They had fourteen judges.  The conference is being moved to the fall for 2015 because of the multiple commitments that occur in May.  The date will be forthcoming within the next few weeks as soon as it is solidified.  Becky will send out some possible dates for review.  There were great speakers; Sheila did presentations with the older students along with their brochures.  There were great sponsors including UAV who made major contribution in many ways.  Chris did a great job representing DPD as always.  Some members have pictures available and will get them out so people can see them.  Discussion followed from persons who were in attendance or have been in attendance.  Mary offered some suggestion based on her attendance at some sessions: 1) make sure the full group actually receives information in a format that is clear and understandable to the average person.  2) Ensure that when we go into neighborhoods, there is engagement of those living in the neighborhoods along with some follow up interaction in the neighborhood.  3) it would be helpful for citizens to get information on the committees (30+) that officers are involved in.  It would also be helpful to share it with UAV who could in turn ensure that the community is aware of DPD participation in the neighborhoods.
  • Two almost dates to save are:  1) June 18th or 19th which will be a volunteer day in Westwood; the final date will be coming out.  West Patrol Operations of the DPD and CIRGV and several other organizations will be in Westwood for a cleanup.  The conversation is how do we engage the folks and how do we ask them to give back.  In response to Mary’s suggestion, this would be a great opportunity to put this together.  2) September 21, 2014 is the world day of peace; information is starting to come in from the peace museum and others.
  • In response to a question Vivian asked about the community expressing feelings and/or concerns without fear of reprisal from the community, Becky indicated that you can get on the City of Dayton website, DPD page, and there is an opportunity to report anonymously.  The City of Dayton also has a face book page where one can interact.  They also work closely with Crime Stoppers; DPD ends up with information, but not the source.  Crime Stoppers have an elaborate filter system to allow anonymity.  West Patrol Operations has been very focused on Westwood for the same reasons that UAV has been.  WSU and the DPD applied for a competitive grant last week.  This effort brought together folks who are now going to be a steering committee for Westwood, building on the UD survey put together last year.  Becky indicated, in response to Mary’s question, that officers fill out a form and public appearances are tracked via the form.  Becky can gather this information and share it with the group.  As the officers go out, they could use the youth brochure and/or the wallet cards as calling cards.  Discussion of all items followed.

All Council Meeting:

  • This meeting will be held on August 19, 2014 at Sinclair Community College.  Diane Jones from the Catholic Health Initiative is coming (one of our funders).  Nancy is working on trying to get someone to conduct a risk and resiliency training at that date.  We are inviting some of the key leaders so they can hear what UAV is doing and to celebrate our successes.  Discussion followed with a sharing of the feelings of Co-Chairs and the presentations that are going to be made because of the stress of their already full calendars.  Several Councils are not meeting in July because that was originally the All Council meeting.  One of the suggestions was that Councils use emails to get information from their council members to put the presentations together to showcase successes creatively (skit, poem, rap, or a song).  Sandy will send a copy of the power point out for persons to use.  The presentation will be no longer than 5-10 minutes and Sandy, Mary, Nancy, and Vivian are available to help each Council..

Dayton – City of Learners Initiative:

  • Mary Tyler shared information on some initiatives and their impact on Second Step and UAV.  Nan Whaley, our new mayor, has included education as her new initiative and has hosted listening sessions throughout the city asking specific questions (e.g.: why did you choose to send your child to this school, what gets in the way of your child’s education, if it was fixed what would it look like?).  The areas included in the sessions were:  west side, immigrant families, charter schools, east side, as well as the north side.  The County has now asked that she do one more session for students who are not in school for whatever reason.  Issues that came up were:  transportation, resources available, and values and behavior that interfere with the learning environment.  Mary asked for feedback from Leadership to take back to the meeting (based on questions and responses that came up). Discussion followed and suggestions were offered:  use the Second Step program in schools, tie the expectations of Second Step back to reading and math; find a way to ensure that parents understand the information they are being presented, and improve transportation needs.

Council Reports:

  • Neighborhoods Council:
    • Carla indicated that the Council met last week.  They had two guest speakers:  Sean Walton with CIRGV who did a presentation on his agency breaking it down into different committees.
    • Vicki Wolcott talked about the after school and summer program they provide to Northridge School.  Transportation remains an issue.
    • We also had Anthony Whitmore from RTA, but he will return for the next meeting as time ran out.
  • Community Awareness Council:
    • Speaker’s Bureau is in the final stages (92%), Becky is trying to get pictures into the presentation.
    • The calendar needs to have information submitted in a timely manner so it can be sent out the same way.  Brian and Linda were working on it; but the calendar will now go to the Youth Council.
    • “Be The Hope” mailing-the team met and have a letter that will go out to the places of faith as soon as the final “tweaking” is completed.
    • The All Faith Conference will occur on October 29, 2014 and will be on Human Trafficking Awareness.  They will ask for vendor’s tables and are now searching for funding to ensure that they can afford all of the items.
    • Bringing awareness to places of faith, hazard awareness in places of faith training will occur at the end of May.  The youth tract of the POP conference was a part of this Council’s contribution.
  • Parent & Family Success:
    • Debbie Santiago and 4 Cs for Children is looking out how families can be strengthened overall.  They are looking at implementing the five protective factors.  These factors include social-emotional competence of children, knowledge of child development and parenting, concrete support in times of need, social connections, and parent resilience.  It lines up with the partners so we will be looking at how this can be layered into UAV.  East End Community Services has already begun this, so this council will be looking to them for assistance and mentoring.  Michelle will send out a copy of the factors electronically.
    • The council is also looking at the Be Safe Packets for distribution and is trying to determine what is wanted in the packet and how it can be distributed.
    • Family Works has had two workshops already in April (child abuse); and May (motherhood) with another coming in June on fathers.  They will be taking the fathers and children to the Dragon’s game as a part of their workshop.
    • Mike Newsom indicated that the 2014 “Celebrate Fatherhood” will be held on June 13 at the Vineyard church from 6-8:30 PM and June 14 at Island Metropark from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  There will be entertainment, speakers, essay/art contest and information on community resources.  On Friday the prizes will be distributed to the winners from the art/essay contest.  The students will share their projects where they are saying something positive about their dads/father figures with them.  They are giving out bicycles and school supplies. They want vendor tables, especially those that provide services to fathers.
    • There was another Stewards of Children Sexual Abuse Awareness Class held on May 9 at CSB on North Main Street. There will be two more trainings at Care House at the end of May and the end of June and they are free of charge.
    • The Reentry Resource and Training Expo was held on May10, 2014, completed by the Office of Ex-Offender Reentry.  There were over 200 participants and 34 providers.  There were about a dozen volunteers-some ex offenders as well as Sinclair Professors.
    • Cherise Hairston at the Mediation Center developed a rough outline for restorative justice, was ready to go out and do some training, but it is on hold right now because of her illness.
  • Youth Prevention & Intervention:
    • There is a group of ladies that want to make sure that all know about Second Step so they have asked Dayton Public Schools for participation in their summer enrichment institute with teachers.  Ida Nalls and her planning committee are handling this and Jeanette Taylor would conduct the training. The group is also looking at training for librarians and put the posters up in the library.  The librarians had a conversation about the International Day of Peace and they will run articles in their newsletter in the fall of this year.
    • The NAM Fairmont Chapter is getting their letter together for their Human trafficking Awareness Rally on October 22, 2014 at Trent Arena.  They are ensuring that they have the support of all persons involved (city, school, etc.).  They got approval from the Principal and the old Superintendent and they will now get approval from the new Superintendent.
    • Youth self defense-Help Me Grow persons are getting training which adds another 50 persons to the women’s self defense training.  They have completed one training already and will be doing another later in the month.  Officers Ron Strehle and Chris Pawleski and others along with Becky received recognition for their great contributions to this training.  Discussion followed.
  • Funding:
    • Sheila indicated that on June l she expects to hear back from Sisters of Precious of Blood concerning the Trotwood summer lunch program and Second Step.  She has applied also to the Mathile Foundation.
    • The group will be meeting to discuss how they can get some funding for Human Trafficking.
    • UAV has six partner agencies which have received the banners and have sent in their releases.
    • Nancy has been asked to appear before the Family and Children’s First Council next week to request the funding for Second Step.
  • Young Adult Council:
    • Ramona discussed communication and forming a relationship with each other.  She indicated anything we start of to do is forming a relationship with each other and that telling a story is a way to share information with funders and others.  She shared three short stories about the young adults.  There was a recognition meeting last night.  They have eight students who are graduating seniors and over sixteen students present overall.  These students shared that they were excited to be recognized as a part of the group when they saw the banners and the billboards.  One student indicated that they had a job interview and said they were a part of UAV, and that they got the job.  There were students in the audience who said that they wanted to be a part of the group.  They got an email from one of the seniors indicating that the Council changed her whole outlook on life and how much she appreciated being a part of the group and the program.

 Decision/Action Items:

  • Sandy will send a copy of her power point presentation out for councils to use to prepare for August meeting.
  • Michelle will send out a copy of the five protective factors electronically.

Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting is June 17, 2014 at 9:00 AM.


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