Young Adult Minutes – 07/14/14

July 14, 2014 @ 2:43 pm
posted by StopViolenceAdmin


  • This meeting had extended hours due to the amount of information that needed to be given to the Young Adults and to work on their project for the Success of Our Council at the All Council’s Members meeting.
  • At the beginning of the meeting the Young Adults were told there would be a lot to cover and that it could be possible for them to meet the following week to complete the project and to rehearse for the Police Brochure presentations to be given the next 2 weeks.
  • The YAFC member and Co-Chair began the meeting with giving the Young Adults details about the June 17th 2014 UAVGD Leadership Council meeting.
  • The Co- Chair told the group what he reported to the Leadership Council and items he heard that may be of some interests to the Young Adults Focus Council.
  • The Co-Chair went on to report about his speaking and presenting the UAVGD banner at City of Dayton’s City Commission meeting held Wednesday July 2, 2014.
  • The Co-Chair told the council of contacts that were made and where the banner he presented would be located (Greater Dayton Recreation Center and Family Aquatic Ctr. at Roosevelt Commons).
  • The Co-Chair also told the council of UAVGD’s desire to place other UAVGD banners in all of the recreation facilities so that children may be able to see them.  He told the council that Mrs. Sheila had contacted someone handling this matter and was waiting on the response.
  • A YAFC member then reported of his experiences at the Montgomery County’s Fatherhood Initiative – “My Dad Rocks” and the National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton’s ANYTOWN.
  • The next portion of the meeting the Young Adults went over the Friends and Family Fun Day – last minute details.
  • The number of Family and Friends attending was given.
  • They decided on which Young Adults would be in charge of games and music.
  • The meeting continued with Sheila Hood speaking to the Young Adults about the next two Police brochure presentations.
  • Sheila gave the Young Adults the locations, date, and time of the presentations.
  • She asked for those who would like to present to please give their names.
  • After the names were given the council discussed which dates would be possible for rehearsals.
  • Sheila told the Young Adults she would look further into a rehearsal date and email the council the date.
  • The Young Adults then began working on the Success of Our Council project.
  • The Young Adults were told by Sheila to create a quote that expressed the impact of UAVGD on their lives.
  • The Co-Chairs timed the quotes.
  • Romona Roberts directed the rehearsal of the quotes.
  • Afterwards each Young Adult rehearsed their quote in front of the video camera.
  • When everyone had completed the rehearsal portion, each Young Adult said their quote for the actual footage to be seen at the All Council Members meeting.
  • A group picture was also taken.
  • After all matters were complete the meeting ended.

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