Leadership Minutes – 09/17/14

September 17, 2014 @ 8:50 am
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  • Nancy Bliel, Michelle Dilts-Gibson, Vivian Schooler, Jennifer Moyer, Joyce Gerren, Carla Clasen, Sandra Speed, Mary Tyler, Sandy Hunt, Joe Spitler, Monica Lofton, Becky Gaytko, Judy Strnad, Larry Lane, Jim Bolden, Toni Perry-Gillespie, Rhonda Mercs


  • Laura Roesch, Bonnie Parish, Cheryl Oliver, Chief Pope, Chris Pawleski, Cordell Williams, Donerik Black, Captain Wilson, Harris Tay, Libby Nicholson, Michelle Zaremba, Nan Whaley, Patti Schwarztrauber, Rob Streck, Sheriff Plummer, Tim Beasley, Karen Via, Andrea Hoff, Ryan Taylor, Chief Biehl, Sean Walton, Captain Porter, Terra Williams, Randy Wallace, Sheila Hood, Romona Roberts, Sue McGatha, Kairun Kelly, Sharon Becker, Linda Parrish, John Smith, Marlon Howard


  • Sandy welcomed all members and had the group go around the table and introduce themselves.


  • The meeting began with a review of and feedback on the All Council meeting.  The consensus from the group as well as the students, who were present, was that all of the Councils did an excellent job with their presentations and the video Joe provided was excellent.  Dave Leedy seemed to understand what UAV does and gave an excellent presentation based on that understanding. Nancy asked each person to complete an evaluation of that day and return it to her.  She will be mailing them to the rest of the participants for their feedback.  Nancy gave a brief overview of what Catholic Health Initiative (the funder) is and that Diane Jones expressed how impressed she was with the meeting and what we have done.  Nancy gave a written report to Chief Biehl for the Sandy Hook delegation.  She also sent a copy of the report to the mayor-2 1/3 pages expressing the fact that she was missed.  Discussion followed.
  • Nancy indicated that Samaritan Behavioral Health has been looking for a fund raiser that fits with the goals and objectives of UAV.  She was approached by a DJ (Casey Young) from a local oldies station to do a fund raiser to raise awareness about depression.  He has organized a motorcycle ride for Saturday and has prizes that are phenomenal.  The success of this will determine whether this will be a future SBHI fund raiser.
  • Mary Tyler asked the group to think about a strategy we can use to influence the media to share the positive aspects of what is going on in this community.  We have young people who have skills who can help and we have a lot of positive things going on that need to get out.  Becky suggested that we use our partnerships to get the message out.  We need to get someone from the media to join our committee.  Discussion followed.

Speakers Bureau Presentation:

  • Becky gave a presentation of the power point that will be used to provide information about who and what UAV is about.  The presenters will be Nancy, Mary and Sue, taking the information out on the road at this time.  Fact sheets will be included which will support the speakers as they do their presentations.  We want people to be aware of UAV and our mission, we want to encourage individual changes in behavior, seek additional partners, and extend an invitation for people to be a part of the Councils.  Becky reviewed each portion of the presentation providing an explanation for the group.  There is plenty of opportunity for everyone to volunteer and the presentation ends with ways groups can get involved and join us in some capacity as they see fit, in their area of interest.  An example offered is neighborhood watch; this can be done by everyone.  There is a form which can be completed to make the request for a presentation.  Discussion followed.

Faith Awareness and Action: 

  • Michelle indicated that the faith conference will be held on October 29, 2014 at the University of Dayton-River Campus.  Three hundred seats are available and you do not have to be official clergy, the conference is for lay people. Some workshops will provide depth in many religions. It contains faith, awareness and action addressing domestic violence, including violence directed toward men.  The key note speaker will be Ohio Representative Teresa Fedor who is a sponsor of Ohio human trafficking legislation.  Available workshops will be listed on the UAV web site and participants will walk away with resources and directories.  Michelle will send the information out to the group again.  The cost of registration is $25.00 ($20.00 of the money goes toward food).  Jim will check to see how agencies can be invoiced and let the group know.

Human Trafficking Conference:

  • Rhonda reviewed for the group human trafficking, how we got involved, and what it entails.  She indicated that club went to digital design for posters and they should be ready within the next couple of days.  She will send it out electronically within the next few days.  Teresa Flores wrote down the wrong day so is unable to attend, but she provided another speaker who is another survivor of human trafficking and she is much younger.  Teresa did send Katie Talbot her DVD so that her story can be shared.  The conference will be held on October 22, 2014 from 5:30-8:00 PM (#27Million) and all schools have been invited.  Jim is working with Anthony Whitmore to try to get some transportation for some students who want to come.  The UAV Young Adults will have a table with their brochure.  Help from UAV persons is sorely needed.

Website Update:

  • Jenny indicated that she has been working on updating the web site and she is about 70% completed.  The logic model is complete and the co-chairs have been updated.  She is waiting on the All Faith Conference flyer, Second Step information, and some information from Young Adults.  The calendar is not very full and event information needs to be sent to Jenny to be placed to update it.  This information is presented free of charge.

Council Reports:

  • Neighborhoods Council:
    • Carla indicated that they have had a meeting and came up with general things which they would like to pursue and they will be working on them.  Jim indicated that after school, weekends, and summer are areas that we need to be reviewed as well.  Also, creating an environment for young men who have problems with reading, writing, comprehension in a non-threatening way, non-embarrassing way, and friendly atmosphere, using materials that foster reading (sports illustrated, etc.).  Nancy indicated that she and Michelle met with a lady from Ready, Set, Soar who is on the Mayor’s committee for the city of learners for the after school summer program committee.  They shared the information from the surveys with them and Michelle is going to start meeting with them also.
  • Community Awareness Council:
    • The Speaker’s Bureau presentation was presented by Becky today.
    • The Be The Hope mailing for the all faith community in the four neighborhoods will go out either today or tomorrow.
    • On October 29, 2014 the All Faith Conference event will be held at UD River Campus.
  • Parent & Family Success:
    • Terra Williams has stepped down as co-chair because of job and time constraints and Susan Gottschalk has agreed to step in.
    • The Restoration Recovery & Reentry Conference is October 11 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM at UTS and it is being put on by the jail chaplaincy program.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided and it will be another opportunity to provide tables, set up information, and take some classes.  The information is on the UAV web site.
  • Youth Prevention & Intervention:
    • The mediation center has taken the lead with restorative justice and that aligned with our efforts for the International Day of Peace.  The Mediation Center and the police did a forum last night for adults for restorative justice and tonight is for teens.
    • The librarians have embraced working with teens and we are trying to get them more aware.  They all know about the upcoming trafficking event.
    • There has been great success on the International Day of Peace.  We have two weeks of coverage in the paper that Fred compiled.  Peace Dayton is still ongoing until September 21, 2012.
    • Girl Scouts is back at the table and they want to look at some restorative justice forums.
    • Friday October 17, 2014 there will be a neighborhood cleanup.  The exact location will be known about a week ahead and 16 volunteers from UAV are needed to canvass the neighborhood and serve the food being provided.  CIRV will also provide 16 volunteers.   Juvenile court will provide the students for the cleanup crew. This event will occur rain or shine.
  • Funding:
    • No report
  • Young Adult Council:
    • They met last night and are trying to recruit new members as well as continuing to present their brochure information.  They have met with Faith based organizations and also met with Thurgood-Marshall for recruitment (they lost 8 members who were seniors).
    • They will be speaking at the Juvenile Detention Center to go over the brochure they made and present the information.

Items to Be Completed:

  • Nancy will be mailing evaluations to the rest of the participants in the All Council meeting for their feedback.
  • Michelle will send the information out to the group again about the all faith conference.
  • Jim will check to see how agencies can be invoiced for the All Faith Conference and let the group know.
  • Rhonda will send copies of posters out electronically within the next few days.
  • Sandra indicates that they will be sending out a notice next week about the prevention learning collaborative.
  • Michelle will send out information on the clean up location as soon as available.
  • Michelle will send the information out electronically on housing issue and Distinguished Speakers Bureau presentations.
  • Becky will send an email shortly on an event on October 9, 2014.


  • There will be a kick off meeting on October 9, 2014 at the ESC from 12:00-2:00 PM.  The ADAMUS board will be meeting with prevention agencies across the city for a prevention learning collaborative, focusing on how the Board can support them in their areas of need.  Sandra indicates that they will be sending out a notice next week.
  • Michelle indicated that those who are dealing with housing issues, the Human Relations Council has provided an invitation to participate in the fair housing fair.  They are focusing in West Dayton-Westwood area.
  • The Distinguished Speakers Bureau is sponsoring an event “Choosing Forgiveness” and the father who lost a child is the speaker.  Michelle will send the information out electronically.
  • Toni indicated that Dayton Public has set up the calendar for this year and provided a copy to the group.  The information is on the DPS web site and on face book.  She indicated that they are still having difficulty reaching people, getting parent participation, and asked for suggestion.  Discussion followed.  Toni said that they have 10 schools that have restorative justice in them.  Since they have shown reduction, they are adding 10 more schools.  Jeffrey Mims and David Lawrence are working with a group involving males.  They also will have meetings scheduled to talk about the report card.

Next Meeting:

  • There will be no meeting in October, the next meeting will be on November 18, 2014 at 9:00 AM

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