Leadership Minutes – 11/18/14

November 18, 2014 @ 8:59 am
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  • Nancy Bliel, Michelle Dilts-Gibson, Vivian Schooler, Jennifer Moyer, Joyce Gerren, Sandy Hunt, Joe Spitler, Becky Gaytko, Toni Perry-Gillespie, Rhonda Mercs, Sharon Becker, Romona Roberts, Sue McGatha, Carla Clasen, Jim Bolden, Catherine Crosby, Judy Strnad, Ryan Taylor, Sheila Hood, Kairan Kelly, Susan Gottschalk, Devine Gober, Shamari Treadwell, Sandra Speed, Cherise Hairston (Presenter)


  • Laura Roesch, Bonnie Parish, Cheryl Oliver, Chief Pope, Chris Pawleski, Cordell Williams, Donerik Black, Captain Wilson, Harris Tay, Libby Nicholson, Michelle Zaremba, Nan Whaley, Patti Schwarztrauber, Rob Streck, Sheriff Plummer, Tim Beasley, Karen Via, Andrea Hoff, Chief Biehl, Sean Walton, Captain Porter, Terra Williams, Randy Wallace, Linda Parrish, John Smith, Marlon Howard, Mary Tyler, Larry Lane, Monica Lofton


  • Sandy welcomed all members and had the group go around the table and introduce themselves. She began the meeting by discussing the Sandy Hook Promise meeting that she attended. The group started out with parents who had children in the Sandy Hook shooting. They started in Connecticut, but wanted it to spread across the United States. Their goal is not just school shootings, but violence in general. The delegation chose Ohio as a pilot area to introduce some of the work they are doing and try to reduce some violence. Ohio was chosen because of the amount of violence present and because of easy access with the highways. They have begun already in Cleveland and are looking at the Dayton area and want to partner with some agency. Those persons who were in attendance along with Sandy were Becky Gayttko, Romona Roberts, and Sheila Hood. Mental health first aid is one of the areas that they are working on. The program started in Australia in 2001 and has been successful. There is a eight hour training associated with this and they will send a trainer to the area. The sponsoring organization has the responsibility of getting the word out. There is a $25.00 charge for materials. There are already trainers present in the area at Eastway and ADAMHS Board. Discussion followed.

Restorative Justice:

  • Cherise Hairston from the Dayton Mediation Center, gave a presentation on Restorative Justice. She indicated that she takes information from UAV along with information from the Mediation Center when she goes out for presentations and gives it out to participants. What is restorative justice? It is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused or revealed by criminal behavior. It is best accomplished through cooperative processes that include all stakeholders (people affected by the conflict or situation). Cherise gave each person present a handout outlining practices, programs, and principles as well as a brochure on the Mediation Center and an referral form. The handout also provided questions that we all need to think about. Cherise indicates that the Mediation Center helps people talk about problems that cause stress, anger, and frustration. It is about expressing viewpoints, feelings, and experiences. Their main focus is to allow participants to return back to their own strength of wisdom. Mediation is a well-established and respected means of conflict resolution. Cherise discussed how they conduct their mediations indicating they do about 600-800 mediations per year and are probably one of the busiest community based mediation centers in the world. Eighty percent of these mediations are conducted with youth. They are held on Saturday with a nine month training period and a two year commitment for those who want to volunteer because it takes that long to become competent. Volunteers may get on the Mediation Center web site to get a volunteer application or contact Cherise directly for guidance. Discussion followed.

Council Reports:

  • Leadership Council:
    • Vivian reviewed the 2015 UAV schedule listed on the back of the agenda. All Council meetings are scheduled for March, June, and October, there will be no meetings in June and December, 2015, and regular meetings will continue to be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. UAV is not able to do cancellations on TV, so members should check their email. Members suggested some other methods which will be investigated.
    • Members were given a gift from United Against Violence for the holiday to say thank you for all that they do.
    • UAV has the funding and is starting Second Step in Pre K, 1st or 2nd and 4th or 5th grades in January. FCFC gave an increase in funding so that 1st/ 2nd grade is being added this year. There is also a grant from the Sisters of the Precious Blood for after school feeding program in Trotwood in Westbrooke and hopefully at Meadowlark. Jeanette Taylor has trained this group to deliver the program.
  • Neighborhoods Council:
    • Carla indicated that the Council did not meet this month. There is a new entity in Dayton called City of Learners and she will check with them to see what they have to offer. Discussion followed.
  • Community Awareness Council:
    • On October 29, 2014 the Faith Awareness in Action Conference was held at the UD River Campus. There were about 160 persons in attendance. Sharon thanked each person in the room who attended and contributed to the conference. Discussion followed.
    • Parent & Family Success:
    • The next meeting is Monday, November 24; Susan has come on board as Co-Chair. We are tweaking our activities to meet the objectives that the Council has.
  • Youth Prevention & Intervention:
    • Rhonda did a presentation on the #27 Million Human Trafficking Awareness Rally on Wednesday, Oct 22nd at Trent Arena. Persons in attendance included those from UAV, Kettering City Manager, Kettering School Board, Principal, Advisor, UD students, etc. There were about 310 persons in all. Kim Farris interviewed the students and they were on Focus Dayton. Fox 45 also came, interviewed participants, and put it on air.
    • Michelle indicated that a neighborhood clean up was completed on Friday, October 17. The group went door to door passing out brochures urging people to put their trash out so that it could be picked up. There were about eighty students present from Juvenile Court Reclaiming Futures, as well as staff members who assisted with pick up. The clean up was very successful, four dumpsters were filled. They do want the group to partner again. Jill Parker and Gail Simpson also assisted in this area.
    • The Prosecutor’s office will do their Violence prevention campaign again. Please share the information so that all students can be reached for participation. We would like to have about twenty celebrity judges to assist with the judging. The Councils will be notified when the date is available, it will be held at the Prosecutor’s office. Students grades 7-12 will be allowed to submit videos. March 31, 2015 is the entry deadline and the contest is in May. A window or other place to showcase presentations once they are completed is also needed. Discussion followed.
  • Funding:
    • Sheila indicates that the Council will be meeting on the 19th and will review Council needs as well as an update on Second Step.
  • Young Adult Council:
    • This Council conducted a Safe Dates Skit/Presentation for the Dayton Life Skills Center. Sandy Hunt gave the presentation portion.
    • On October 22, they attended and represented UAV with a table at the 27 Million Human Trafficking event.
    • On December 3, 2014, they will be presenting their police brochure at the Dakota Center.
    • On December 8, 2014, they will be attending the Homicide Victims Memorial Services sponsored by the Prosecutor’s Office.
    • They are currently working with J. A. G. at Northridge HS Young Adults assisting them in creation of Police Brochure/Youth and police form in December. More details to come.
    • Young Adult Council Member, Shamari Treadwell will be doing his internship at UAVGD which consists of him attending council meetings and events with UAVGD staff.
    • Co-Chair Devin Gober will be attending I/ITSEC in Florida presenting on “Active Shooter” Officer Ronald Straley went through the entire presentation and assisted she and another student (Rebecca Minert). Discussion followed.

Clearing House Directory:

  • Jennifer indicated that the directory is at the printers and they are going through a second proofing. They are looking at the price quotes to determine how many to order. Once they determine how many people it will be useful to, it will be printed and will also be put on the web site where it can then be printed.


  • The 24th Annual Homicide Victim Memorial Service will be held on Monday, December 8 at 6:30 PM at Westminster Presbyterian Church. It is open to the community.
  • Nancy had a meeting with the Mayor yesterday and she was able to give her a report of all that we are working on. She will meet with her about every six months for an update.
  • DPS will have a Town Hall meeting on December 8, 2014 at Dayton Boys Prep to discuss the budget.
  • Jim announced that the 22nd annual MLK Violence Prevention Teen Celebration will be held on January 19, 2015. The food and location have been set up, but the movie itself has not been confirmed.
  • The Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence just had their annual meeting on November 7 and about eighty people were present. A case manager for CIRGV was hired in August. If anyone is interested in a presentation, they will be happy to make it happen.
  • Crimes stats for the last quarter have been completed and will be distributed once they have been reviewed and input provided by each law enforcement agency.

Next Meeting:

  • There will be no meeting in December; the next meeting will be on January 20, 2015 at 9:00 AM

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