Focus Council: Young Adult

Action Step #3

Expand violence prevention and intervention opportunities for young adult ages 14-18 via participation in Young Adults Focus Council (YAFC)

Leadership & Violence Prevention Skills

Young Adults Focus Council (YAFC) members receive training to develop and maintain presentation, leadership and violence prevention skills. Facilitators are from UAVGD partners, including: Addiction Services – Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County, Dayton Mediation Center, Fatherhood Initiative – Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.

  • Outcomes
    • Post-tests will indicate a significant improvement in the YAFC members’ skill level, compared to pre-tests.
    • Pre- and Post-tests will indicate what, if any, additional training/exercises are needed.

ActkNowledge Brochure

Revise the ActkNowledge Brochure with updates and research; possibly produce a Spanish version.

  • Outcomes
    • The revision and reprint will be done by March 2017.
    • A minimum of 6 – 8 sites will receive brochures for distribution per year.


Continue Police Brochure ActkNowledge presentations, educating youth about law enforcement policies that most affect them, bringing awareness and understanding. Targeting youth ages 10-18.

  • Outcomes
    • A minimum of 2 presentations (PAYT Camp and MVCPOP conference) will be delivered each year.

Police & Youth Dialogue

Continue/expand Police-Youth Dialogue Forums as requested by peer mentoring partners, creating an atmosphere for positive interaction and communicating, targeting youth ages 14-18 and local Law Enforcement.

  • Outcomes
    • A minimum of 1 Forum per year will be conducted in 4 designated neighborhoods.
    • Youth’s negative perceptions of law enforcement will be reduced, as evidenced by follow-up youth evaluation sessions.
    • Youth and officers will work together on future projects demonstrating enhanced communications and relationship building.

Connecting With the Elderly

Conduct “Connecting with the Elderly” activities to rebuild intergenerational social relationships. Activities will include skill building sessions that promote awareness and basic knowledge of self-responsibility, focusing on good decision–making and violence-free behavior. Strengthen communication by examining each group’s perception of each other and celebrating similarities. Targeting youth ages 14-18 and Seasoned Friends ages 50-75, as evidenced by follow-up youth evaluation sessions

  • Outcomes
    • A minimum of 1 activity per year will be implemented within the 4 designated neighborhoods.
    • Post-tests will indicate an improvement in the youth’s knowledge of good decision-making skills and unhealthy behaviors.
    • Youth/adults will acknowledge and celebrate generational differences and healthy, violence-free relationships, as evidenced by follow-up youth evaluation sessions.

UAVGD Logic Model