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Act Knowledge Brochure

Click the image below to download our brochure PDF on discussing youth and police interactions, and how to make them work best for all.

ACTk NOWledge Brochure

Resources for Parents

Onguard Online Help protect your kids online!

Youth Guide to Interacting with Police

ACTkNOWledge Brochure
Knowledge is responsible for what you know.

Crime Stoppers Brochure

Crime Stoppers Brochure
Report Crime or Fugitives to Miami Valley Crime Stoppers. Click image to view PDF.

For Parents

Cyber Bullying

Here is a presentation that can give you the information you need on cyber bullying and what you can do to prevent.

5 Ways to Bully-Proof Your Kid
Take the target off your kid’s back with these smart tips.

Parents Guide to Stop Bullying from Cartoon Network.
Cartoon Network provides a way for parents to find ways to create a safe and fun online environment, free from bullies.

Choking Game

This website contains much good information about the Choking Game. Facts, statistics, grief resources and downloadable brochures, handouts and flyers. This site was compiled by a mother whose son died as a result of this activity.


KidsHealth is the most-visited site on the Web for information about health, behavior, and development from before birth through the teen years.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

This outstanding, comprehensive website is a collaboration among 70 member centers across the U.S. and is funded, in part, by a congressional initiative. This Network blends the academic best practices of clinical research with the wisdom of front-line community service providers. The result is a wealth of information, providing basic definitions to types of traumatic stress, brochures, reading lists, and information specifically for parents and caregivers, schools, the media and mental health professionals. The site also includes information on how to get help for a child, facts and figures, and available web-based training, training videos and much more.

Safe Start Center

Safe Start Center is offering downloadable resources on trauma informed care for children exposed to violence and their families.

Stop Bullying Now (En Español)

This site for kids includes information about being a bully, being bullied, and witnessing bully behavior. Written for kids, main sections include What Bullying Is, What You Can Do, and What Adults Can Do. The site also includes webisodes and podcasts about bullying scenarios, plus games to play. The Adult section includes information and resources about bullying, special information for parents and educators, plus a campaign to address this issue that includes public service announcements for newspapers, radio and TV, downloadable brochures and posters.

Relationships that Matter to America’s Teens


Treat violence like a contagious disease

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