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Goals & Strategic Plan updates 2017

Objective #1

  • Strengthen violence prevention and intervention for children, youth, and adolescents, which supports safe and healthy behaviors.
    • Action Step #1 – Continue the Second Step Curriculum for youth in schools throughout Montgomery County.
    • Action Step #2 – Educate youth in Grades 7 or 8 regarding self-responsibility and nonviolent behavior.
    • Action Step #3 – Expand violence prevention and intervention opportunities for young adult ages 14-18 via participation in Young Adults Focus Council (YAFC)
    • Action Step #4 – Incorporate Restorative Practices into all child and youth programming (i.e., Second Step, Male to Men. Female to Woman, Young Adults Focus Council.)

Objective #2

  • Strengthen and elevate social norms that promote and encourage healthy behaviors by engaging families as community partners in violence prevention.
    • Action Step #5 – Support children and adults through educational and skill- building workshops that focus on topics such as: helpfulness (kindness, sharing), empathy, cooperation, problem solving, assertiveness, anger management,
      and impulse control.

Objective #3:

  • Maintain the focus of the UAVGD project and support its infrastructure.
    • Action Step #6 – The Leadership Council, led by the Leadership Core, will develop strategies through the annual planning and continuous improvement monitoring process that will maintain the UAVGD focus and identify funding strategies.

Objective #4

  • Facilitate partnership- inspired community collaborations that promote community-level strategies that support healing and connection between people.
    • Action Step #7 – Collaborate, promote, market, and attend community programs, events, trainings, and forums sponsored by agencies that create environments that prevent violence.
    • Action Step #8 – Engage UAVGD partners to provide focused training on violence prevention to the community and other UAVGD members.