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Crime Stoppers Brochure
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Principles and Shared Values

The following principles and shared values guide the work of United Against Violence.

  • We Foster Community Connectedness – As demonstrated by children and adults being involved in community service.
  • We Promote the Capacity to Live Differently – As demonstrated by the ability to learn new skills of non-violent communication and living through self-development and education. Individual acts matter.
  • We Advance the Legitimacy of Authority – As demonstrated by people legitimizing the processes of violence prevention and justice as fair and just, incorporating their voice in setting community standards on violence and embracing peace.
  • We Acknowledge that Non-Violence Requires Strength and Courage – As demonstrated by reverence for other persons rooted in the self-esteem and self-worth which reinforces one’s own strength and courage.
  • We Strive for Citizenship Responsibility – As demonstrated by acting for the greater good of all to reinforce community norms and hold others accountable by observing and reporting incidents of violence and taking responsibility for one’s own actions.
  • We Build Community Trust – As demonstrated by confidence that leaders and authorities are fair and just, that agencies are serving positive outcomes of our people, and that I am accountable to do my part.
  • We Recognize that Prevention Starts in the Family – As demonstrated by families, churches, and neighbors talking about prevention of violence and sharing resources and behaviors which promote peaceful alternatives.
  • We Hope for the Future – As demonstrated by a belief that each person can create a positive future for themselves and a life purpose which is an authentic self beyond violence.
  • We Reject Drug and Alcohol Abuse which Facilitates Violence – As demonstrated by research on chronic abuse of these substances indicating they magnify the instances and tendency toward violence.
  • We Recognize Belonging as a Basic Human Need – As demonstrated by reinforcing each individual’s connection to a family, a neighborhood, schools, a community, and a society reinforcing each person’s developmental assets.
  • We Believe Peace Promotes Greater Prosperity – As demonstrated by reducing the high cost of violence to our community and connecting economic prosperity to a peaceful community for living, working, and playing.